About Grant Bergman

... is for "Innovation through Marketplace Input." My "secret sauce" incorporates deep experience, applied to both B2B and B2C businesses, in:
  • Branding
  • Strategic Planning
  • Market Research
  • Competitive Strategy
  • Market Segmentation
  • New Product Development
  • Pricing and Channel Strategies
  • Manage and Inspire Creative Development
  • Hands-on Copywriting
  • Non-profits: Social Benefit Organizations and Select NGO's
  • Cross-functional leadership and collaboration for impeccable implementation

All business strategy will be fundamentally market-driven so that the best ideas and innovations naturally thrive under competition in the global marketplace.


Empower and inspire startups, mid-stage ventures and established firms seeking new sources of growth to leverage "marketing best practices" at every phase of strategy, planning, program development and implementation.


Regardless of industry, sector, size or personalities:
  • Be an Evangelist (with a purpose!) for "Outside-In Marketing."
  • Be doggedly fact-based and data-driven in all Marketing activities.
  • Go where market-based reality leads us, rather than merely validating client presumptions and preferences: Maintain intellectual honesty, rigor and transparency in all dealings.
  • Tie Marketing spending to profits... relentlessly.
  • "Lead By Listening..." to clients, to competition and to key stakeholders throughout the value chain, from suppliers to channel customers to end-users.
  • Remember always that Strategy means nothing until it meets up with rigorous planning and flawless execution.

Leverage my experience, education, networks and work ethic to:
  1. Help startups and early stage ventures to be market-driven from inception by understanding target segments' needs and wants better than potential competitors do. Apply this insight to develop "proof of concept" validated by strategic, sustainable revenue streams that finance ongoing operations and/or attract investment at reasonable expected rates of return.
  2. Help mid-stage ventures to re-focus on marketplace fundamentals by engaging with and listening to stakeholders more closely in order to: (a) Optimize offerings and develop new ones based in core competencies; (b) Evaluate, refine and revise Branding based on market response and input; (c) Elevate Marketing from a silo-ed function run by a few specialists to a Corporate Value practiced by all, especially customer and end-user facing functions (including Sales, Customer Service, Technical and Warranty Support and even Finance); (d) Position business favorably for raising funds or expanding via mergers, acquisitions and IPO's.
  3. Help established businesses, possibly with slowing growth or actual declines, to identify and develop sources of new growth and profits through a combination of outside-in marketing strategies, rigorous planning and flawless execution.
  • MBA, Marketing/Finance, The University of Chicago (Booth School) Dean's List. New Product Laboratory (Kimberly-Clark water quality project). Research Associate studying quantitative models of advertising response. Marketing course grader. Graduate education 100% self-funded.
  • BA, Psychology/History, Cornell University
    National Merit Finalist. Dean's List. Alpha Lambda Delta National Honor Society. Summer Research Associate studying impact of declining nationalized rail service (ConRail) on the agricultural economy of Upstate New York. Cornell University Glee Club.

"For five years Grant was the 'conscience' of strategic advisory services at BottomLine Marketing, ensuring that our recommendations fit the facts, even when the facts were a little ticklish. If there weren't facts easily at hand, he found them and made more insight out of them than most who had come before. We wish him all the best in his independent work bringing insight-based marketing strategy, diagnostics and best practices 'to the street' for small business, entrepreneurs, startups and equity investors."

Grant prides himself on an approach that is market-driven, strategic and analytical, on the one hand, while still being creative and highly pragmatic on the other. "My first question is always 'What do we know about your consumer or client?' Most businesses already own or have free access to a lot of data they haven't mined yet! I can often bring them striking insights by simply lining it all up right. Where we find gaps, I coach clients through their initial uses of market research, with a focus on getting the 'most important 80% of the information for about half the price.' My results take the form of executive-level recommendations built on a solid foundation of facts, rather than a 'research report,' because the types of businesses I like best are already stretching to adopt a little more marketing 'process' and 'analysis.' They need results, not intellectual exercises."

Grant started his career in brand management and field marketing at Frito-Lay after earning his MBA (Marketing & Finance) at The University of Chicago and his Bachelors (Psychology & History) from Cornell University. He successfully applied the same brand management thinking and discipline at Advo (direct mail services) to turn around an ailing segment of the business, and then again at Avery Dennison Office Products. By the time he landed at Doskocil (PetMate Pet Products) he had a vision for the role of marketing and a passion for leveraging his classical experiences in less traditional and sometimes "under-marketed" businesses.