Advisory Services

Occasionally I'll get a call from a friend or acquaintance who has to work with marketing issues, even though that's not their specialty. They want to pick my brain for marketing guidance, and I'm more than happy to help out. There's not a specific "deliverable," but over time the calls keep coming and the advice keeps flowing.

"How does that happen?" you may well ask. Consider a new General Manager, company President or even the new purchaser of a business. Or perhaps it's a business investor type, such as a venture capitalist or corporate CFO, who needs objective assessments of a market-driven business to determine growth and profit potential before buying into a venture. Some incredibly talented financial, technical and operations people end up running businesses where better marketing is a key to progress, only to realize "marketing" is akin to a foreign language to them.

My Marketing Advisory Services are an outgrowth of this sort of situation. Over the years I've advised GM's, owners and CEO's on their marketing. Each situation is different, but several have evolved into formal relationships where I coach and advise the business leader as he or she sets out to upgrade the company's overall marketing approach. Typical advisory services have included:
  • Advice on staffing and organizational structure for Marketing departments.
  • Help selecting and subsequently on-boarding new agencies for advertising, research and other specialized areas of Marketing.
  • Conducting strategic assessments leading to repositioning the company's brands.
  • Detailed evaluation of macro industry trends, gleaned from both internal and external data, in order to inform the business's long term strategic vision and marketing approach.
  • Consumer response to new product concepts or prototypes, used for validation prior to making major investment decisions.
  • Just in time for my new site, Harvard Business Review publishes an article on what I do in The Rise of the Supertemp
The situations vary, but the focus of these Marketing Advisory Services is one-to-one strategic coaching and implementation for executive management. Sometimes these engagements are confidential, between the executive and myself only. Other times I work openly with staff or third parties at the executive's direction. It's always the client's choice and it's always a personal advisory relationship, in contrast to other engagements where my deliverables are very specific and the project has a clear timeframe and end point.